And so it begins

2004 Keystone Everest

The new abode

Who in their right mind would up and decide to throw some belongings into an RV and LIVE in it full time???? Our story involves leaving behind the sticks and bricks home and 16 plus years of semi-hoarding.  We have a saying when someone asks where something is that’s not been seen in a while.  The pat answer is always “in a box in the garage…somewhere.”  Each time we move we/I have a tendency to not unpack everything and just store it in a box in the garage.  Hey – when you DO find the box it’s like Christmas morning seeing forgotten treasures whether they are worth something or not.  There is always a sentimental value to ponder.  But I digress.

The entire picture really must be painted in order for anyone to truly understand how we ended up here. Living in an RV. So far we’ve only made it to the backyard, but yes ladies and gents we are living in an RV full time.  In our backyard. We still use some of the facilities in the sticks and bricks, or as I call it The Big House.  Bathroom and washer/dryer anyway.  I love The Big House. It’s got running water with some pressure behind it that heretofore had been underappreciated.

I’m going to have to backtrack a bit to get us all up to date.