Alternative lighting in the RV-No outlet no problem

There are some aspects of RV living that leave a lot to. E desired and for me, the lighting is right up there at the top.  The worst might be the so called “reading” lights in the bedroom and living room.  If they don’t burn your retina, then touching them after they’ve been on a while will give you 3rd degree burns.  We bypassed them in the bedroom with a cheap clip on LED light that clamps on to the headboard. If you’re in to microsurgery stick with the original light. Or sunglasses.

LED lamp on headboard
This light has an adjustable arm to direct the light where needed and it won’t burn the house down.

Headboard LED lamp

Another easy way to add ambient light is to use LEDs on a twisty wire that can be spread out over a slide.

LED light over RV slide

Or shoved into a glass container. I like these because you don’t need an outlet as they are battery operated. This one takes 3 AA and has an easy push off/on button. The wire can be spread out or shaped to fit. I may get more of these to use around the RV. They provide a nice soft light. I got these here:

LED lights in glass container

I would love to see how others have adapted their RV to feel more homey without using the few available outlets. 
I may receive compensation for portions of my posts, but my opinions are 100% my own. 


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