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How to display 40+ pictures RV style

One of the things I had in our sticks and bricks home was an abundance of family pictures. They were grouped in collages on the walls and carefully placed in frames on tables. With the RV, space is limited. So how do you display your family photos when you have virtually no wall or table space?

Hang them on the line.


First I went through all of our digital pictures and started picking out the ones that made me happy or made me smile. This was the most time consuming but fun going back through time enjoying the memories and experiences again. Silly dog.


From there I had to whittle them down and edit each one.  Choosing which pictures to print was the hardest part! Once I picked the ones I wanted to display I printed them out onto photo paper. For consistency I chose to print them all out to be 4X6. Then I was ready to gather my tools for hanging. I used:

1. Clear Command hooks (6)

2. Twine

3. Mini wooden clothespins (box of 50 or so)

I got my clear Command hooks and mounted them at an angle so the twine would not slip on the corner of each slide where I wanted the prints to hang. I then knotted the twine and allowed for it to hang slightly in a swag before attaching it to the next hook. The clear hook isn’t even noticeable.


Then I used miniature clothes pins to hang the pictures.

I display a total of 43 4×6 prints this way. Each RV slide has a twine ‘clothesline’ so I can hang them up and switch them out whenever I like. They are also affixed in a spot that won’t interfere with the slides going in or out. They aren’t even in the way while we are doing our daily living.IMG_3180They are really easy to maintain and replace and with six grandchildren there is lots of activity to document! Life is always changing and as it does I have these photos to make my heart smile.


I LOVE these faces ya’ll!!

This could be done almost anywhere you live and using the Command products you don’t damage any walls. I use them everywhere in the RV, which I’ll save for another post.

Please share ideas you have for displaying photos in the comments.
















































































































































































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