You-me and three dogs


These three guys are our constant companions…..underfoot, snuggling, sniffing, patient, and good natured. All three are rescues.  They have adapted to the RV lifestyle like champs. They love to take truck rides and they don’t care where as long as we are together. Do you have pets who travel? Leave a comment about your fur kids.



2 thoughts on “You-me and three dogs

  1. hebardstravels says:

    My husband and I have two four leggeds, and we’ll start full timing in a few months. They seem to be ok with anything if we’re with them! Any tips for getting them accustomed to the new lifestyle?


    • readyornotrv says:

      I guess the biggest thing for our fur kids to get used to is the actual travel and routine. My biggest fear was that one of them would jump from the truck unexpectedly, in the dark, in a totally unknown place. That did happen to us once, but it was daylight. So I would say take them everywhere you go and create a routine for getting in and out of the vehicle. Teach them to wait politely until you can get a leash on them. Among all the tail wagging and jockeying for position. Good luck on your full timing adventure! ~Kris~

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