Introvertly depressed

I’ve discovered this winter that not only am I an introvert but I am fighting my depression as it seeps in with the cold temps here in Colorado.

We didn’t intend to stay here for the winter, but planned to be in nice warm Arizona enjoying the vultures and beautiful sunsets.
We got to park ourselves our second winter in a park outside my hometown and I can’t begin to convey my “being home again” feelings and how alive I felt. So many memories of my teenhood growing up in the desert and on the river seemed to rejuvenate my soul.

It had been a real struggle to get ourselves out of Colorado, leaving as the first snowfall caught us in its grip. It had been a tough several months prior after Brian had surgery to remove his cancerous prostate.

This winter it was radiation. God bless this man I married, he drove himself EVERY single day for 39 days with only the complaint that it felt like going back to work again. He celebrated the weekends and holidays with a gratified smile. I was glad he was spared any serious side effects.

The expense of becoming winter-ready also grounded us as, among other things we need new RV tires. The tires were bought and paid for and our first stop out of the RV park was going to be the tire shop. But because we decided we would be better served with a skirt, the tire money had to be funneled back. As we will be parked until next fall I guess we have plenty of time to save that up again.
Which brings me back to my piss poor attitude and cabin fever. Like I have a right to complain! My mind has a way of chewing our problems over and over until before I know it I’ve fallen into that deep pit of depression. Yes I am on meds. For now I look forward to the next few days warming up and thawing of some of the 15″ of snow we just got.



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