Pit Stop Decisions


Pit stop somewhere in New Mexico. We parked in a nicely sized vacant lot next door to a lonely gas station. Time to walk the dogs and stretch the legs a bit.


As we finish our short walk I tell Brian I’m going to make a potty stop before we head out again………….so he goes around the RV on the drivers side and puts the dogs into the truck.  I go straight to the RV door to my nice “clean bathroom.” It’s important to note how the truck and RV are parked.

Next thing I know, my little bit of personal space has become mobile and I am experiencing what could be a 4.5 on the Richter Scale.  Talk about finishing business in a quick manner! What in the world is Brian doing? I told him I was going to go potty, why is he driving away?  Brian ends up pulling up just off the highway in front of the gas station and stops. I jump out of the RV as quickly as my age and weight will allow and all but run towards the truck. Brian sees me in the rear view mirror and gives me a puzzled look. My look on the the other hand, was anything but friendly.

Turns out he thought I’d gone back to the gas station to use their facilities. (God only knows why) You can only imagine our conversation for the next several miles of the trip. We went back and forth about the pros and cons of using our own (clean) bathroom or the unknown (dirty) bathroom at a gas station. What are your ideas?


Gotta love him.  And I do.



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