Leaving The Backyard

We left the backyard much later than we intended. The (late) morning check of everything to be sure we were packed, stowed and ready for launch found a water leak under the front of the RV under the bedroom. A hole was drilled in the underbelly and quite a bit of water was drained out. Already running late, we decided to go for launch and worry about the leak later. What, me worry?  <~~~~~~~~~my Alfred Newman impersonation.

We pulled out of the backyard and around to the front of the house to say our good byes. You’d have thought we were never going to see our kids and grandkids again. Through lots of hugs and tears we started our first step of our journey to live full time in an RV.

It took us three days to travel from Northern Colorado to Lake Havasu City, Arizona where we parked in my sister’s BACKYARD!!  Big leap right? We spent the first winter learning how to live with a safety net.

Our travel companions Max, Diego and Merlin.

Max, The Runner


Diego, The Follower

Merlin, The Talker



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