Alternative lighting in the RV-No outlet no problem

There are some aspects of RV living that leave a lot to. E desired and for me, the lighting is right up there at the top.  The worst might be the so called “reading” lights in the bedroom and living room.  If they don’t burn your retina, then touching them after they’ve been on a while will give you 3rd degree burns.  We bypassed them in the bedroom with a cheap clip on LED light that clamps on to the headboard. If you’re in to microsurgery stick with the original light. Or sunglasses.

LED lamp on headboard
This light has an adjustable arm to direct the light where needed and it won’t burn the house down.

Headboard LED lamp

Another easy way to add ambient light is to use LEDs on a twisty wire that can be spread out over a slide.

LED light over RV slide

Or shoved into a glass container. I like these because you don’t need an outlet as they are battery operated. This one takes 3 AA and has an easy push off/on button. The wire can be spread out or shaped to fit. I may get more of these to use around the RV. They provide a nice soft light. I got these here:

LED lights in glass container

I would love to see how others have adapted their RV to feel more homey without using the few available outlets. 
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Rv and Truck

How to display 40+ pictures RV style

One of the things I had in our sticks and bricks home was an abundance of family pictures. They were grouped in collages on the walls and carefully placed in frames on tables. With the RV, space is limited. So how do you display your family photos when you have virtually no wall or table space?

Hang them on the line.


First I went through all of our digital pictures and started picking out the ones that made me happy or made me smile. This was the most time consuming but fun going back through time enjoying the memories and experiences again. Silly dog.


From there I had to whittle them down and edit each one.  Choosing which pictures to print was the hardest part! Once I picked the ones I wanted to display I printed them out onto photo paper. For consistency I chose to print them all out to be 4X6. Then I was ready to gather my tools for hanging. I used:

1. Clear Command hooks (6)

2. Twine

3. Mini wooden clothespins (box of 50 or so)

I got my clear Command hooks and mounted them at an angle so the twine would not slip on the corner of each slide where I wanted the prints to hang. I then knotted the twine and allowed for it to hang slightly in a swag before attaching it to the next hook. The clear hook isn’t even noticeable.


Then I used miniature clothes pins to hang the pictures.

I display a total of 43 4×6 prints this way. Each RV slide has a twine ‘clothesline’ so I can hang them up and switch them out whenever I like. They are also affixed in a spot that won’t interfere with the slides going in or out. They aren’t even in the way while we are doing our daily living.IMG_3180They are really easy to maintain and replace and with six grandchildren there is lots of activity to document! Life is always changing and as it does I have these photos to make my heart smile.


I LOVE these faces ya’ll!!

This could be done almost anywhere you live and using the Command products you don’t damage any walls. I use them everywhere in the RV, which I’ll save for another post.

Please share ideas you have for displaying photos in the comments.















































































































































































You-me and three dogs


These three guys are our constant companions…..underfoot, snuggling, sniffing, patient, and good natured. All three are rescues.  They have adapted to the RV lifestyle like champs. They love to take truck rides and they don’t care where as long as we are together. Do you have pets who travel? Leave a comment about your fur kids.


Introvertly depressed

I’ve discovered this winter that not only am I an introvert but I am fighting my depression as it seeps in with the cold temps here in Colorado.

We didn’t intend to stay here for the winter, but planned to be in nice warm Arizona enjoying the vultures and beautiful sunsets.
We got to park ourselves our second winter in a park outside my hometown and I can’t begin to convey my “being home again” feelings and how alive I felt. So many memories of my teenhood growing up in the desert and on the river seemed to rejuvenate my soul.

It had been a real struggle to get ourselves out of Colorado, leaving as the first snowfall caught us in its grip. It had been a tough several months prior after Brian had surgery to remove his cancerous prostate.

This winter it was radiation. God bless this man I married, he drove himself EVERY single day for 39 days with only the complaint that it felt like going back to work again. He celebrated the weekends and holidays with a gratified smile. I was glad he was spared any serious side effects.

The expense of becoming winter-ready also grounded us as, among other things we need new RV tires. The tires were bought and paid for and our first stop out of the RV park was going to be the tire shop. But because we decided we would be better served with a skirt, the tire money had to be funneled back. As we will be parked until next fall I guess we have plenty of time to save that up again.
Which brings me back to my piss poor attitude and cabin fever. Like I have a right to complain! My mind has a way of chewing our problems over and over until before I know it I’ve fallen into that deep pit of depression. Yes I am on meds. For now I look forward to the next few days warming up and thawing of some of the 15″ of snow we just got.


Pit Stop Decisions


Pit stop somewhere in New Mexico. We parked in a nicely sized vacant lot next door to a lonely gas station. Time to walk the dogs and stretch the legs a bit.


As we finish our short walk I tell Brian I’m going to make a potty stop before we head out again………….so he goes around the RV on the drivers side and puts the dogs into the truck.  I go straight to the RV door to my nice “clean bathroom.” It’s important to note how the truck and RV are parked.

Next thing I know, my little bit of personal space has become mobile and I am experiencing what could be a 4.5 on the Richter Scale.  Talk about finishing business in a quick manner! What in the world is Brian doing? I told him I was going to go potty, why is he driving away? Continue reading

Through it all, there was a dog

I found this story to be so eloquently written and it touched my heart in a real way. I cannot remember a time in my life when there wasn’t a dog. Enjoy.

The Trailhead

Seven years ago, when my first marriage of fifteen years unexpectedly went belly up, I was involuntarily launched on what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey. There are other names for this kind of experience. The writer Elizabeth Lesser calls it the Phoenix Process. Dante called it “the dark woods.” Whatever you call it, it’s a time of upheaval, pain, and eventually, transformation.  And to be sure, the year I spent ending my marriage and recovering – perhaps from the marriage as much as the divorce – was one of the most powerful and potent of my life. I still look back on it with a sense of respect and awe.

What I didn’t understand for a long time, though, was that the year of my divorce was only the beginning of a much longer voyage. Life had a great deal more in store for me than merely the end of…

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Leaving The Backyard

We left the backyard much later than we intended. The (late) morning check of everything to be sure we were packed, stowed and ready for launch found a water leak under the front of the RV under the bedroom. A hole was drilled in the underbelly and quite a bit of water was drained out. Already running late, we decided to go for launch and worry about the leak later. What, me worry?  <~~~~~~~~~my Alfred Newman impersonation.

We pulled out of the backyard and around to the front of the house to say our good byes. You’d have thought we were never going to see our kids and grandkids again. Through lots of hugs and tears we started our first step of our journey to live full time in an RV.

It took us three days to travel from Northern Colorado to Lake Havasu City, Arizona where we parked in my sister’s BACKYARD!!  Big leap right? We spent the first winter learning how to live with a safety net.

Our travel companions Max, Diego and Merlin.

Max, The Runner


Diego, The Follower

Merlin, The Talker